Monday, January 26, 2015

Book of Mormon Reading Chart

I saw this adorable Book of Mormon reading chart on Pinterest, but the pin was linked to another blog whose author couldn't remember where she had seen the original. Sad! It really was adorable - but too small, and the wrong colors. Soooo... I kinda-sorta-maybe duplicated it - with a few changes, of course! I LOVE that it doesn't have dates on it - less pressure! And it's reusable, year to year. (My sister gave us one a couple of years ago, but I ended up tossing it because we didn't use it that year. Sorry, sis!) This one can be used again and again! Ours is going in a 16x20 frame, behind glass, so we can mark off chapters with a dry erase marker. Sweet! Want one of your own? Of course you do! Just click here. Enjoy! :) **UPDATE: I had a request for a girly one, so I also made a coral/navy/gold version here.

Book of Mormon Reading Chart - Get your family reading with this cute chart from